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Boden Law provides advice and representation particularly with respect to cross-border transactions (relating to Turkish and non-Turkish targets), project development and finance transactions, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, alliances, dispute resolution with special emphasis on arbitration, restructurings and creditor rights.

Energy, natural resources and infrastructure are the core industries that the firm is focused on. The firm differentiates itself with its industry specific expertise in these sectors. With the understanding of the complex dependencies between and within these sectors, the firm offers a unique service. The firm’s expertise in these sectors embraces all stages of the projects from development (including mine design, extraction of mines), construction, operation, financing, commodity trade (including commodity trade finance), regulation, acquisition to disposition. The firm is highly regarded with respect to energy sale contracts and has unparalleled experience in commodity trade and EFET agreements (advised EFET in adapting its master electricity and gas trade agreements into Turkish law). The firm is also experienced in technology transfer agreements.

Boden Law acknowledges that privatization, project finance, merger and acquisition, joint venture transactions and dispute resolution/arbitration projects in the energy, infrastructure and mining and metals sectors require specific industry and regulatory knowledge. The firm’s track record in these areas and understanding of each of these sectors’ mechanics, allow the Boden Law to add value to its clients’ projects. The firm is also capable of providing unique regulatory advice and risk analysis in these sectors. Members of the firm have published numerous articles and lectured in many conferences regarding different aspects of the firm’s core industries.

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