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Galicia Abogados

Galicia Abogados is a leading legal firm in Mexico with more than 20 years of experience helping our clients make better business decisions.

From the most significant business groups in Mexico and around the world to small and medium-sized businesses, all of them will find an ally in us because of our specialised knowledge and our ability to understand their business results and strategies.

Our team shares the values of trust, human quality, and respect. This allows us to forge long-term relationships with our clients and capitalise on our knowledge and information in each new interaction.

Our unique approach

Our unique way of thinking meets the need for providing solid and constructive solutions to the challenges being faced by our clients in light of ever more complex and demanding operations.

We focus not only on helping our clients express their interests but also on taking into consideration the point of view of others, thus achieving results that are truly exceptional and innovative. 

We are convinced that knowledge is not enough; it is necessary to be a facilitator in order to create value.

Areas of expertise and international reach

We are leaders in three strategic sectors, financial, infrastructure and energy, through a multidisciplinary approach from our specialised practices.

We have a close relationship and collaboration with the most important firms in North and Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Our attorneys have taken postgraduate studies and worked in leading firms in the United States and Europe.

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