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Dingli & Dingli Law Firm is a Maltese firm established in 1982 with offices at 18/2, South Street, Valletta 1102. Although by Maltese standards it is a medium-sized firm, it enjoys a solid reputation for efficiency and effectiveness, leading to results. The firm handles all types of legal work and in completely new areas of practice it is ready to learn quickly. The firm is fluent in Maltese, English, Italian, French and Spanish, also having a basic understanding of German and Russian. Malta’s relatively recent entry as a member of the European Union has opened a window of opportunity , and the firm leaves no stone unturned to face the future with confidence and expectation.

The firm is particularly active in the area of maritime law, corporate law, taxation and international tax planning, financial services, aviation law, intellectual property law, investment, residency, real estate, succession and trusts. The firm is often involved in the major maritime cases brought before the Courts of Malta or the Malta Arbitration Centre. These include, to name a couple of these cases, the Normand carrier case, which involved a collision in the Grand Harbour in Malta, and the Nuria Tapias case, relating to a collision between the Nuria Tapias and the Junior M in the Black Sea, where the limitation fund was set up in Malta.      

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