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Problems with criminal legality usually extend beyond national borders and require a multi-jurisdictional specialisation with an in-depth knowledge of the increasingly exhaustive international criminal legislation as well as legislation of the various European Union member states and Community regulations.

Corporate liability: Preventive criminal defense, compliance policies. The firm helps Spanish and international clients, and reviews, develops and implements what has traditionally been called a preventive criminal defense policy. The current evolution of criminal law imposes the need to introduce programmes for legal compliance and the preservation of corporate criminal liability of legal persons, their directors and employees.

International work: The law firm is located in Madrid, and provides integral service to the whole of Spain. It also has de collaboration of international reference law firms. The international procedural experience of the firm’s lawyers extends to proceedings in the USA, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal and other, and also to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, the European Court of Human Rights and other international jurisdictional bodies. This experience surpasses the barriers of Spanish Criminal Law, and opts for qualified advice with a clearly international vocation.

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