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GTDT begins a global survey of in-house counsel through snapshot Q&A interviews.

Corporate Counsel, EMEA

"As ours is a global technology company with operations, employees and customers around the world, I would say the pace of regulatory change is challenging because of our geographical spread."

VP, General Counsel and Integrity Officer – ABB South America

"When the law firm delivers according to expectations – in terms of result, timing and price – it is always a good experience."

General Counsel

"We do not like to be tied to a single firm because we believe that diversification lets us hear from multiple voices in a jurisdiction."

Senior In-house Lawyer

"Dealing with multiple jurisdictions is always a challenge due to the differences between countries. Labour and employment law is an area that reflects the specific culture of each country."

Group Head of Legal
CA Immobilien Anlagen

"The best experiences are with lawyers who not only provide legal advice but also appreciate commercial concerns and act proactively."

Senior Counsel & Director of Contracts
Silent Circle

"Our products incorporate an innovative and regulated technology which requires us to undertake extensive research prior to selling in a particular country."

Senior Competition Counsel
Total RC

"We may need external counsel for several reasons: a need for narrow expertise in a particular law; a need for local expertise; (outside counsel) legal privilege (in the EU at least)"

Head of Contract Management and Dispute Resolution Department
Queiroz Galvao Construction

"For strategic issues, we prefer meetings and having a presence in situ. Generic and daily matters are dealt with from a distance or by having our project team delegate."

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