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in-house interviews

GTDT begins a global survey of in-house counsel through snapshot Q&A interviews.

General Counsel
4Life Direct

"Although the legal system across Europe is based on the same principles, grounded in both European and local law, the local perspective and attitudes of the local authorities differ greatly, which in itself presents difficulties when attempting to streamline processes across five member states..."

Legal Manager Balkans

"It is really important for me that external legal counsel understands the business logic and the rationale behind a project..."

General Counsel & VP of Operations
Enfusion, LLC

"A great in-house counsel needs to have skills and expertise beyond that of a traditional lawyer. I like to say my legal knowledge is a differentiating skill, not a defining skill..."

VP General Counsel Strategic Projects
Lhoist Group

"In contrast to external counsel who should be expert in a particular field, a good in-house counsel should be versatile enough to address the broad spectrum of issues faced by businesses today..."

Airbus Defence and Space

"A great legal counsel must be approachable and gratifying to work with. This allows for the counsel to be more visible during business operations, and enables the lawyer to risk mitigate and steer the business away from disputes and litigation..."

In-House Counsel, Attorney-at-Law

"The key, I think, is to understand the business, to know what you do not know and how to find it, and to have excellent communication skills."

Country Head Of Legal
Siemens Healthineers

"The external counsel today must be a partner of the company, sharing the same perspectives and goals, and working towards that vision. Availability and refined expertise today are givens. The focus should remain on building up a long-term relationship that enables trust."

Executive Director
IFM Investors

"We don’t have the concept of internal clients here, we are part of the team working for our investors and a great in-house counsel understands and adds to the business..."

Senior Counsel
Conservation International Foundation

"A great in-house counsel adds clear and measurable business value by guiding business units from the structuring to the execution of a transaction, by offering legal alternatives and solutions, and facilitating balanced risk decisions that correspond with the organisation’s risk appetite..." 

General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary
Exponential Interactive Inc

"My team and I personally source our external counsel globally as we prefer to have boutiques and mid-sized firms handle the majority of our work. Many of those firms are great partners to us, so we have the feeling of an extended global legal team..."

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