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June 2017

Pakistan: The Legal Landscape

Mayhar Mustafa Kazi, Anum Bawany, Sara Mansoor Ansari and Muhammad Humza Khalid


Over the last three years, the performance of Pakistan’s economy has significantly improved. Pakistan’s real gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 4.71 per cent in 2016, the highest rate of growth in the last eight years.

June 2017

Argentina: The Legal Landscape

Javier Canosa

Canosa Abogados

The Republic of Argentina is organized as a federal republican democracy with a presidential political system.

April 2017

Japan: The Legal Landscape

Katsumasa Suzuki, Mugi Sekido, Atsushi Okada, Nobuharu Onishi, Taichi Arai, Makoto Sakai, Shinichiro Yokota, Shiho Ono, Satoshi Ikemura and Hisashi Shibata

Mori Hamada & Matsumoto

In recent years, due in part to the effect of the economic policies of the Japanese government, collectively known as ‘Abenomics’, as well as the qualitative and quantitative measures implemented by the Bank of Japan, there appear to be signs that the Japanese economy is recovering from the low economic growth and deflation seen in the past few decades.

December 2016

Venezuela: The Legal Landscape

Reinaldo Hellmund, Carlos Martinez and Miguel Velutini

Rodriguez & Mendoza

Venezuela’s revenue comes mainly from oil exports; therefore, the country’s economy has been dramatically affected by the reduction in oil prices.

November 2016

Dominican Republic: The Legal Landscape

Luís Pellerano and Mariangela Pellerano

Pellerano & Herrera

The Dominican Republic offers multiple business and investment opportunities as a result of its unique geographical location, current legal framework, economic stability and infrastructure.

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