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October 2017

Egypt: The Legal Landscape

Mahmoud Bassiouny and Kholoud Hafez

Matouk Bassiouny

Egypt follows a free market system. Egypt’s economy has been planned to be diversified, and currently depends mainly on industry, agriculture and services sectors, while the services sector represents half of the GDP.

September 2017

United Arab Emirates: The Legal Landscape

Hasan Anwar Rizvi

RIAA Barker Gillette (Dubai)

The UAE, despite being the seventh largest reserve for oil, has managed to diversify its economy such that more than two thirds of the country’s GDP is derived from the non-oil sector. 

July 2017

Panama: The Legal Landscape

Hector Infante and Carlos Perez Almillano

Infante & Perez Almillano (Panama City)

Panama has one of the most stable economies in America, which is a consequence of its monetary system and  continued GDP increase.

July 2017

Colombia: The Legal Landscape

Ramiro Saavedra Becerra, Carlos Francisco Saavedra Roa and Rafael Julián Cifuentes González

Saavedra Becerra Abogados S.A.S.

Colombia is a country with several sources of economic growth, especially in the agriculture and livestock sector.

June 2017

Pakistan: The Legal Landscape

Mayhar Mustafa Kazi, Anum Bawany, Sara Mansoor Ansari and Muhammad Humza Khalid

RIAA Barker Gillette

Over the last three years, the performance of Pakistan’s economy has significantly improved. Pakistan’s real gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 4.71 per cent in 2016, the highest rate of growth in the last eight years.

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