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October 2018

Ecuador: The Legal Landscape

Sebastián Pérez-Arteta and Patricio Quevedo-Vergara

Pérez Bustamante & Ponce

Ecuador has a free market economy, with the government in charge of regulating activities and participating with public entities in some aspects together with the private sector.

October 2018

Malaysia: The Legal Landscape

Tai Foong Lam, Tang Chao Ying, Fan Xiao Jun, Lim Bee San, Mah Mun Yan and Lye Ca-Ryn

Gan Partnership

Malaysia rooted its economy on its wealth of natural resources in agriculture and forestry and export of such commodities including rubber, tin, palm oil, petroleum and cocoa. Slowly, Malaysia diversified its economy by utilising natural resources and ventured into manufacturing sectors with separate sections on rubber-based products, palm oil products, electronics and electrical products. In 1983, Malaysia manufactured its first own national badged car company under the name of Proton and set in motion the country’s automotive industry.

August 2018

Kenya: The Legal Landscape

Carole Ayugi, Suzanne Muthaura and Waringa Njonjo

MMAN Advocates

Kenya is the most dominant economy in East Africa with strong growth prospects supported by an emerging urban middle class and an increasing appetite for quality goods and services.

August 2018

Egypt: The Legal Landscape

Mahmoud S Bassiouny and Kholoud Hafez

Matouk Bassiouny

Egypt follows a free market system. Egypt’s economy has been planned to be diversified, and currently depends mainly on industry, agriculture and services sectors, while the services sector represents half of the GDP.

May 2018

Colombia: The Legal Landscape

Ramiro Saavedra Becerra, Carlos Francisco Saavedra Roa and Rafael Julián Cifuentes González

Saavedra Becerra Abogados S.A.S.

Colombia is a country with several sources of economic growth, especially in the agriculture and livestock sector.

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