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Patrick Ayad and Lance Bultena

Hogan Lovells

Friday 28 June 2019

Are you still in the driver’s seat? Are autonomous vehicles really going to happen? Is the industry really changing?

We do not know whether you are still in the driver’s seat; we hope you are, given the disruption and transformation all over the automotive industry. But what we know is, yes, autonomous vehicles are going to happen. Not as quickly as some over-hyped press reports suggested, but the march to autonomy is real. The timing is in question, not the direction. The industry is ‘pushing’, irrespective of whether consumers want it; in fact, consumers still don’t quite trust the technology. And, yes, the industry is changing rapidly and autonomy is not the only change. The vision of the future is sufficiently established that there are competing acronyms derived from the same four descriptive terms: autonomous, connected, electric and shared (vehicles) – ACES or CASE, the vision is the same.

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