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WTO disputes in Ukraine–Russia trade relations

Nataliia Isakhanova and Olesia Kryvetska

Sergii Koziakov & Partners

Thursday 15 August 2019

In the trade wars of recent years, Ukraine and Russia have accumulated a critical mass of controversial issues. Since 2014, tensions in bilateral trade have been fostered with the political breakdown triggered by Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine (ie, the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula and the war in the eastern territory of Ukraine). This situation has brought both states to the international dispute settlement fora, including the WTO.

Currently, the WTO Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) is considering five disputes between Ukraine and Russia: DS499 (under appeal pending); DS512 (Panel report adopted by the WTO DSB); DS532 (in consultations); DS493 (under appeal pending); DS525 (in consultations).

Moreover, Ukraine has launched WTO disputes against Russia’s economic allies (DS530 against Kazakhstan, DS569 against Armenia and DS570 against the Kyrgyz Republic). Ukraine’s claims address anti-dumping measures imposed on Ukrainian steel pipes. The roots of these disputes go back to the longstanding anti-dumping measures imposed originally by Russia and further extended by the Eurasian Economic Commission. Currently, Kazakhstan, Armenia and the Kyrgyz Republic being Eurasian Economic Union member states, find themselves as respondents in the WTO disputes initiated by Ukraine.

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