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  • 1.

    In broad terms what is your government’s policy towards business immigration?

  • 2.

    In what circumstances is a visa necessary for short-term travellers? How are short-term visas obtained?

  • 3.

    What are the main restrictions on a business visitor?

  • 4.

    Is work authorisation or immigration permission needed to give or receive short-term training?

  • 5.

    Are transit visas required to travel through your country? How are these obtained? Are they only required for certain nationals?

  • 6.

    What are the main work and business permit categories used by companies to transfer skilled staff?

  • 7.

    What are the procedures for obtaining these permissions? At what stage can work begin?

  • 8.

    What are the general maximum (and minimum) periods of stay granted under the main categories for company transfers?

  • 9.

    How long does it typically take to process the main categories?

  • 10.

    Is it necessary to obtain any benefits or facilities for staff to secure a work permit?

  • 11.

    Do the immigration authorities follow objective criteria, or do they exercise discretion according to subjective criteria?

  • 12.

    Is there a special route for high net worth individuals or investors?

  • 13.

    Is there a special route for highly skilled individuals?

  • 14.

    Is there a special route (including fast track) for high net worth individuals for a residence permission route into your jurisdiction?

  • 15.

    Is there a minimum salary requirement for the main categories for company transfers?

  • 16.

    Is there a quota system or resident labour market test?

  • 17.

    Are there any other main eligibility requirements to qualify for work permission in your jurisdiction?

  • 18.

    What is the process for third-party contractors to obtain work permission?

  • 19.

    Is an equivalency assessment or recognition of skills and qualifications required to obtain immigration permission?

  • 20.

    Can a short-term visa be converted in-country into longer-term authorisations? If so, what is the process?

  • 21.

    Can long-term immigration permission be extended?

  • 22.

    What are the rules on and implications of exit and re-entry for work permits?

  • 23.

    How can immigrants qualify for permanent residency or citizenship?

  • 24.

    Must immigration permission be cancelled at the end of employment in your jurisdiction?

  • 25.

    Are there any specific restrictions on a holder of employment permission?

  • 26.

    Who qualifies as a dependant?

  • 27.

    Are dependants automatically allowed to work or attend school?

  • 28.

    What social benefits are dependants entitled to?

  • 29.

    Are prior criminal convictions a barrier to obtaining immigration permission?

  • 30.

    What are the penalties for companies and individuals for non-compliance with immigration law? How are these applied in practice?

  • 31.

    Are there any minimum language requirements for migrants?

  • 32.

    Is medical screening required to obtain immigration permission?

  • 33.

    Is there a specific procedure for employees on secondment to a client site in your jurisdiction?

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