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David Tennant and Torquil Law


Monday 27 March 2017


In 2015, global natural gas consumption grew by 1.7 per cent. Consumption growth was higher outside the OECD (+1.9 per cent, accounting for 53.5 per cent of global consumption) than in the OECD countries (+1.5 per cent). Iran (+6.2 per cent) and China (+4.7 per cent) recorded the largest increases in consumption, although growth in China was sluggish compared with a 10-year average annual growth rate of 15.1 per cent. Meanwhile, Russia (-5 per cent) recorded the largest volumetric decline. Among OECD countries, the US (+3 per cent) accounted for the largest growth, while EU consumption (+4.6 per cent) rebounded after a large decline in 2014.

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