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    Main environmental regulations
    What are the main statutes and regulations relating to the environment?

  • 2.

    Integrated pollution prevention and control
    Is there a system of integrated control of pollution?

  • 3.

    Soil pollution
    What are the main characteristics of the rules applicable to soil pollution?

  • 4.

    Regulation of waste
    What types of waste are regulated and how?

  • 5.

    Regulation of air emissions
    What are the main features of the rules governing air emissions?

  • 6.

    Protection of fresh water and seawater
    How are fresh water and seawater, and their associated land, protected?

  • 7.

    Protection of natural spaces and landscapes
    What are the main features of the rules protecting natural spaces and landscapes?

  • 8.

    Protection of flora and fauna species
    What are the main features of the rules protecting flora and fauna species?

  • 9.

    Noise, odours and vibrations
    What are the main features of the rules governing noise, odours and vibrations?

  • 10.

    Liability for damage to the environment
    Is there a general regime on liability for environmental damage?

  • 11.

    Environmental taxes
    Is there any type of environmental tax?

  • 12.

    Regulation of hazardous activities
    Are there specific rules governing hazardous activities?

  • 13.

    Regulation of hazardous products and substances
    What are the main features of the rules governing hazardous products and substances?

  • 14.

    Industrial accidents
    What are the regulatory requirements regarding the prevention of industrial accidents?

  • 15.

    Environmental aspects in M&A transactions
    What are the main environmental aspects to consider in M&A transactions?

  • 16.

    However, various courts have held asset purchasers responsible for these types of environmental liabilities. Moreover, if the asset purchaser acquires contaminated real property as part of the assets, under Superfund and many analogous state statutes the purchaser becomes liable for such contamination simply by becoming the owner of the property, subject to limited statutory defences.
Environmental aspects in other transactions
    What are the main environmental aspects to consider in other transactions?

  • 17.

    Environmental aspects in public procurement
    Is environmental protection taken into consideration by public procurement regulations?

  • 18.

    Activities subject to environmental assessment
    Which types of activities are subject to environmental assessment?

  • 19.

    Environmental assessment process
    What are the main steps of the environmental assessment process?

  • 20.

    Regulatory authorities
    Which authorities are responsible for the environment and what is the scope of each regulator’s authority?

  • 21.

    What are the typical steps in an investigation?

  • 22.

    Administrative decisions
    What is the procedure for making administrative decisions?

  • 23.

    Sanctions and remedies
    What are the sanctions and remedies that may be imposed by the regulator for violations?

  • 24.

    Appeal of regulators’ decisions
    To what extent may decisions of the regulators be appealed, and to whom?

  • 25.

    Judicial proceedings
    Are environmental law proceedings in court civil, criminal or both?

  • 26.

    Powers of courts
    What are the powers of courts in relation to infringements of environmental law?

  • 27.

    Civil claims
    Are civil claims allowed regarding infringements of environmental law?

  • 28.

    Defences and indemnities
    What defences or indemnities are available?

  • 29.

    Directors’ or officers’ defences
    Are there specific defences in the case of directors’ or officers’ liability?

  • 30.

    Appeal process
    What is the appeal process from trials?

  • 31.

    International treaties
    Is your country a contracting state to any international environmental treaties, or similar agreements?

  • 32.

    International treaties and regulatory policy
    To what extent is regulatory policy affected by these treaties?

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