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Drone Regulation

Published: December 2019


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  • 1.

    Basic rules and regulators
    What basic rules govern the operation of remotely piloted aircraft and unmanned aircraft (drones) in your jurisdiction? Which regulatory bodies are charged with enforcing these rules?

  • 2.

    What are the penalties for non-compliance with the laws and regulations governing drones?

  • 3.

    Is there any distinction between public and private drones, as well as between leisure use and commercial use?

  • 4.

    Is there a weight-based classification system for drones resulting in the application of different rules?

  • 5.

    Is there any distinction between completely autonomous drones and remotely piloted drones?

  • 6.

    Do specific rules regulate the design and manufacture of drones in your jurisdiction?

  • 7.

    Manufacturing authorisation
    Must drone manufacturers obtain any licences or other authorisation to carry out their business? Are manufacturers subject to any other specific rules?

  • 8.

    Product liability
    Do general product liability rules (or other specific liability rules) apply to the manufacture of drones?

  • 9.

    Must drones be registered in a specific national registry? If so, who is entitled to register drones and what requirements and restrictions apply? Is the registry organised as an operator registry or an owner registry?

  • 10.

    Are drones identified through a marking system similar to that used for manned aircraft?

  • 11.

    Basic requirements and procedures
    What certificates or licences are required to operate drones and what procedures apply?

  • 12.

    Taxes and fees
    Are certification and licensing procedures subject to any taxes or fees?

  • 13.

    Who may apply for certifications and licences? Do any restrictions apply?

  • 14.

    Remote pilot licences
    Must remote pilots obtain any certifications or licences to operate drones? If so, do the relevant procedures differ based on the type of drone or operation?

  • 15.

    Foreign operators
    Are foreign operators authorised to fly drones in your jurisdiction? If so, what requirements and restrictions apply?

  • 16.

    Certificate of airworthiness
    Is a certificate of airworthiness required to operate drones? If so, what procedures apply?

  • 17.

    One drone, one pilot
    Does the ‘one drone, one pilot’ rule apply in your jurisdiction?

  • 18.

    Do specific rules regulate the maintenance of drones?

  • 19.

    Basic operational rules and restrictions
    What rules and restrictions apply to flights performed in ‘visual line of sight’ (VLOS) and ‘beyond visual line of sight’ (BVLOS)? Is there a distinction in this regard?

  • 20.

    What rules and restrictions apply to critical and non-critical operations? Is there a distinction in this regard?

  • 21.

    Transport operations
    Is air transport via drone (eg, cargo and mail) regulated in your jurisdiction? If so, what requirements, limitations and restrictions apply?

  • 22.

    Do any specific provisions governing consumer protection and tracking systems apply with respect to cargo and delivery operations via drone?

  • 23.

    Insurance requirements
    What insurance requirements apply to the operation of drones?

  • 24.

    Safety requirements
    What safety requirements apply to the operation of drones?

  • 25.

    Air traffic control
    How is air traffic control regulated in your jurisdiction? Which authority provides air traffic control services for drones?

  • 26.

    Are there any airspace restrictions on the operation of drones?

  • 27.

    Take-off and landing
    Must take-off and landing of drones take place in specific areas or facilities?

  • 28.

    Cargo liability
    Are there any specific rules governing the liability of drones for losses or damage to cargo?

  • 29.

    Third-party liability
    Are there any specific rules governing the liability of drones for damage to third parties on the surface or in the air?

  • 30.

    Accident investigations
    How are investigations of air accidents involving drones regulated in your jurisdiction?

  • 31.

    Accident reporting
    Is there a mandatory accident and incident reporting system for drone operators in your jurisdiction?

  • 32.

    Safety management and risk assessment
    Are drone operators required to implement safety management systems and risk assessment procedures within their organisation?

  • 33.

    Import and export control
    Do specific import and export control rules apply to drones in your jurisdiction?

  • 34.

    Data privacy and IP protection
    How are personal data privacy and IP protection regulated in your country with specific reference to drone operations?

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