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  • 1.

    What are the legal elements required for an activity to be regarded as gambling?

  • 2.

    With respect to remote or other cross-border activity, where is the wager deemed to take place?

  • 3.

    What is the minimum age for participating in lawful gambling?

  • 4.

    What are the penalties for offering unlawful gambling?

  • 5.

    Does the law penalise the gambler directly for participating in unlawful gambling?

  • 6.

    Are there exceptions for social gambling, or charitable or non-profit gambling?

  • 7.

    What entity regulates land-based and remote gambling, and what are the regulator’s powers?

  • 8.

    Are gambling licensees considered financial institutions for purposes of anti-money laundering and similar financial services regulatory requirements or are they otherwise subject to such requirements?

  • 9.

    What types of land-based gambling are permitted in your jurisdiction, and is gambling regulated at a national or subnational level?

  • 10.

    Please describe the licensing criteria to operate land-based gambling of each type or classification. Does your jurisdiction limit the number of available licences?

  • 11.

    Must individual directors, officers or owners of licensees also be licensed or reviewed for suitability?

  • 12.

    May a gambling location be part of a resort, restaurant or other multi-purpose location? What limitations apply?

  • 13.

    Are there provisions for passive or institutional ownership that allow for exemption or modification of licensing requirements?

  • 14.

    What responsible gambling obligations apply to licensees?

  • 15.

    What type of tax and what tax rate applies to each form of lawful land-based gambling activity?

  • 16.

    Is remote gambling permitted and, if so, what types?

  • 17.

    What are the criteria for obtaining a licence to operate remote gambling?

  • 18.

    How do the licensing criteria for remote gambling operators differ from those applicable to land-based operators?

  • 19.

    May operators located in other countries offer internet gambling to consumers in your jurisdiction without obtaining a licence there?

  • 20.

    May operators licensed in your jurisdiction offer internet gambling to consumers in other countries?

  • 21.

    What tax rate applies to each form of remote gambling?

  • 22.

    Are gambling games - land-based or remote - patentable in your jurisdiction?

  • 23.

    Are there limitations on how brands, logos or other types of marks may be used in promoting gambling games?

  • 24.

    What types of restrictions apply to advertising gambling games?

  • 25.

    What types of suppliers to gambling operators require licences?

  • 26.

    If licensing is not required, is there a registration or other process suppliers are subject to, and what triggers that process?

  • 27.

    What considerations arise in developing a casino resort project that are not typical to other resort development?

  • 28.

    Are there particular rules governing hours and wage treatment for casino employees?

  • 29.

    Must casino employees be members of labour unions or similar organisations?

  • 30.

    How are licensee changes of control, and substantial changes in shareholdings of licensees, addressed?

  • 31.

    How are gambling licences treated in bankruptcy?

  • 32.

    How are forms of ‘quasi-gambling’ regulated? Are any treated as ‘gambling’, and what triggers such treatment?

  • 33.

    Does your jurisdiction license quasi-gambling operators?

  • 34.

    Does your jurisdiction impose other restrictions on the conduct of quasi-gambling activity, including restrictions on advertising, age of participation, limitations on prizes, etc?

  • 35.

    What, if any, significant litigation involving the gambling or quasi-gambling sectors has your jurisdiction seen in recent years?

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