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  • 1.

    What types of transactions are classified as ‘corporate reorganisations’ in your jurisdiction?

  • 2.

    Has the number of corporate reorganisations in your jurisdiction increased or decreased this year compared with previous years? If so, why?

  • 3.

    Are there any jurisdiction-specific drivers for undertaking a corporate reorganisation?

  • 4.

    How are corporate reorganisations typically structured in your jurisdiction?

  • 5.

    What are the key laws and regulations to consider when undertaking a corporate reorganisation?

  • 6.

    What are the key national authorities to be conscious of when undertaking a corporate reorganisation?

  • 7.

    What measures should be taken to best prepare for a corporate reorganisation?

  • 8.

    What are the main issues relating to employees and employment contracts to consider in a corporate reorganisation?

  • 9.

    What are the main issues relating to pensions and other benefits to consider in a corporate reorganisation?

  • 10.

    Is financial assistance prohibited or restricted in your jurisdiction?

  • 11.

    What are the most commonly overlooked issues or frequently asked questions in a corporate reorganisation?

  • 12.

    How will the corporate reorganisation be treated from an accounting perspective? How are target assets and businesses valued?

  • 13.

    What tax issues need to be considered? What are the tax implications of carrying out a corporate reorganisation?

  • 14.

    What external consents and approvals will be required for the corporate reorganisation?

  • 15.

    What internal corporate consents and approvals will be required for the corporate reorganisation?

  • 16.

    How are shared assets and services used by the target company or business typically treated?

  • 17.

    Are there any restrictions on transferring assets to related companies?

  • 18.

    Can assets be transferred for less than their market value?

  • 19.

    Can a corporate reorganisation be backdated or deemed to have already taken place, for example from the start of the financial year?

  • 20.

    What documentation is required in a corporate reorganisation?

  • 21.

    Should representations, warranties or indemnities be given by the parties in a corporate reorganisation?

  • 22.

    Does it make any difference whether assets or a business as a going concern are transferred?

  • 23.

    Explain any differences between public, private, government or non-profit entities to consider when undertaking a corporate reorganisation.

  • 24.

    Do any filings or other post-reorganisation steps need to be taken after the corporate reorganisation takes place?

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